Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, Inc. (TLW) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Atlanta. TLW uses quality local food production to connect people to their food and the land, creating better communities through education, economic development and environmental improvement.
TLW was founded in 2006 by K. Rashid Nuri to meet the fresh food needs of families in the local Atlanta community. The objective was to bring nutritionally-rich, fresh-picked produce to local residents through a community supported agriculture program. Rashid tapped Eugene Cooke, a master farmer with international training, to help develop sustainable urban farms in Metro Atlanta. In 2007, TLW received non-profit status. The work of TLW then expanded to include agricultural education and training. The Truly Living Well Center builds communities by providing healthy food, agricultural education and job creation. Our model supports urban economic development through growth of local businesses.
TLW is a model for a local sustainable food system. Creating food abundance is the foundation for community food security and self-sufficiency. Truly Living Well demonstrates the viability of producing high quality, naturally grown fruits and vegetables in the urban environment. Our five farm sites in Metro Atlanta produce Certified Naturally Grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers and other added-value products. Our model establishes the transformative power of urban agriculture. Truly Living Well demonstrates the potential of a renewed paradigm – the local food economy.
Our staff has grown from two to over thirty people. In addition, hundreds have been trained by TLW in urban agriculture practices. More than 4,000 people visit TLW annually. We host educational programs that involve young people of all ages. Partnerships and collaborations with area colleges, universities, school systems and other organizations provide opportunities for everyone to connect with the land.


Commitment to Food

Truly Living Well is dedicated to using the most sustainable methods of farming to protect the environment and provide you with quality produce. Our food is free of synthetic pesticides, harmful fertilizers and GMOs. You can have confidence that our food is naturally good and locally grown.

Commitment to Community

Our goal is to create a culture of health and wellness in our community. Our programs and activities provide agriculture training, nutrition, education and job creation.

Commitment to Education

TLW is the center for natural urban agricultural education. Through summer camps, workshops and training programs we teach best practices in natural urban agriculture to all ages.